Hello. I want to say something: You have permission to wrestle, to doubt, question, struggle, and fail.I think sometimes we get so caught up in presenting our life in pretty little wrapping paper with a big fat bow on top that screams TRUST ME I’VE GOT IT ALL TOGETHER.

Oh my gosh, no. It’s like we’ve created this false perception of perfection that says the good Christian has a perfect relationship and a cute Instagram and volunteers for everything and just GETS God. But maybe you’re over there like I DON’T EVEN KNOW HOW I FEEL OR WHAT I BELIEVE OR HOW TO DO THIS LIFE THING.

Sister, brother you are not the minority. Even the most put together woman or man and the most Christiany Christian people wrestle. They doubt. They screw up. They wonder if they’re good enough. They don’t have all the answers. But if we truly believed in God’s grace, maybe we’d admit our wrestling a little more. And we’d find real freedom.

We all need Jesus because ALL of our lives are a little lopsided.

So can we just be real and honest about THAT? 

ILove you but God loves you more ♥️
You’re blessed beyond measure, please never forget that. ✨


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